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What you Need To Know

If you are interested in services, you can reach out in a variety of ways - email or phone Monica, book directly here.

  • We will gather information from you to learn about your child and your concerns. 

  • We will then add you to our placement list for services.

What To Expect


Once connected with the service of your choice, your assessing clinician (SLP/OT) will determine the assessment type in order to create goals and a treatment plan. They will contact you to confirm and book this.
* Note - completion of an assessment does not necessarily guarantee that there will be a team available. Depending on the selection you have made (e.g., 'assessment first'), there may be a wait for a clinical team following the assessment.

Ready To Start?

Your initial assessment can be conducted in a variety of ways! The clinician that is assessing your child will contact you to gather some background information and explain what to expect during and after the assessment. Your child’s therapy goals will be created and reviewed with you.


Once this is complete and it is determined that therapy is recommended, your direct clinician will contact you to book the first session.​

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