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 Speech-Language, Occupational & Behavioural  Support for Children and their Families

What We Do

Hello Speech Developmental Services provides in-home, at-school, and virtual speech-language services, occupational therapy, and behavioural support for children around the Greater Toronto Area and across Southern Ontario.


We specialize in speech, language, communication delays, autism spectrum disorder (ASD),  developmental delays, parent coaching, sensory processing differences, activities of daily living, literacy, school readiness and behavioural support.


We strive to empower children to become the best version of themselves. Our highly trained clinicians create personalized treatment plans that meet each child's unique needs. We aim to provide a nurturing and supportive environment that fosters growth and development.


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Our Approach

We believe communication and social participation are fundamental rights and we feel strongly that children in particular should be empowered to express themselves successfully and engage with the world around them. 

That's why we've assembled an experienced interdisciplinary team of highly-trained clinicians who work collaboratively to meet the needs of the child and their families. 


Our in-home, virtual, and community-based sessions help children feel safe and comfortable while allowing families to be involved in their child's learning and development process. 

Kids in Daycare
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About Us

Founders, Mary Plain and Ronit Rosenblum have a passion for working with children and their families to improve their overall quality of life.


If you are concerned about your child's development, we are here to help support them in maximizing their potential!

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Ontario Autism Program
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Our greatest joy is helping children connect and communicate with ease.

Our Services

At Hello Speech Developmental Services, our Clinicians specialize in many different areas, offering a wide variety of services and strategies to meet your child's individualized needs.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder & Diagnostic Assessments

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Speech & Language Disorders

Running Children

Occupational Therapy & Dietitian

Children in School

Behaviour Challenges


Our Specialties

Within each of our services, we offer a number of specialties to meet the specific needs of your child:

Speech Language Patholgy

Registered Dieticians

Occupational Therapy

Parent Coaching



Applied Behaviour Analysis 

(ABA) Approach

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